How To Make Your Small Business Meetings More Productive

Posted by John Boudreau on Mar 14, 2017 3:00:37 PM

In this post, we begin our three-part series on meetings and seek to change your thinking around small business meetings to show the true value meetings can create. We'll do this by providing some practical guidelines to make your small business meetings a real value driver in your small business not a time and value drain.

The Purpose Of Small Business Meetings

In a recent conversation with a new client, I heard the client say, "I hate meetings.” Why do business owners have such a disdain for meetings? It's not that many just don't like them, they "hate" them.

To many small business owners, meetings are seen as a time waster where employees complain about problems and drop them at the feet of the owner.

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Topics: monthly meetings, management meetings, fires, company goals